Warranty for all our products - 1 year

Confidence in the quality of raw materials and precision of production enables us to provide a 1-year warranty for all our products. We know that it is the quality of the products and the guarantee that we can achieve your trust.

If you have any questions, you can write here: Our managers will consider your application during the day and answer your question as soon as possible.

If you need to replace a part with a similar one, or return the goods, also write to

Furniteh products transportation and storage rules!

Transportation, loading and unloading.

During transportation, the products must be placed and secured in the vehicle in a way that prevents their spontaneous movement during the movement of the vehicle.

During transportation and storage, it is forbidden to place heavy loads on the products that can cause deformation and damage to products and their coating.

Any movement of galvanized products must be done only with gloves or mittens, avoiding touching the surface of the coating with bare hands, because dark spots may form where touched.

It is strictly forbidden:

unloading of products into wet and contaminated areas of the territory;

moving products by dragging;

allowing impacts on products and dropping them from any height in order to avoid disturbing the coating surface;

removal of the protective polyethylene film (if applied) before the installation of products.


Storage of products must meet the following requirements:

storage location: closed rooms or sheds, excluding direct sunlight and atmospheric precipitation, as well as the formation of condensation inside the package due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity;

storage conditions should exclude mechanical damage, exposure to corrosive liquids and open flames. When storing galvanized products, contact with ferrous metal, copper and its alloys must be avoided.

When storing products under sheds or in unheated rooms, additional measures should be taken to prevent the formation and accumulation of condensation inside the package.

It is not allowed to carry out welding work near the storage place of galvanized products.