Today we live in an era of new discoveries, improvements and process automation. And this is really important. In every sphere, be it the sphere of sales of goods or services, or the sphere of design, development, we are faced with the problem of imperfection. We bought a product, for example, a brand new, cool TV, and when using it we notice a number of shortcomings: unstable legs (the TV can collapse at any moment), low volume (hard to hear at the end of the room), and much more. And immediately thoughts arise in my head - why is there no ideal product? why isn't there something that will meet all our requirements?

And the answer to this question is quite simple: each brand is chasing the scale of products, new technologies in the product. Now it is more important for manufacturers to release a product with a new function than to modify, improve the old, already existing ones. This, it seems to us, is the main problem.

What does the buyer want? What is the starting point when choosing? What does he want to get by purchasing a certain product? Our company, led by the best design engineers, searched for an answer to these questions for a long time, and still found:

1)Definitely perfect quality. This is the first, and perhaps the most important. It is important for the buyer that the product meets all quality criteria.

2)Operational reliability. Of course, it is important for you that the product would function efficiently under any conditions (weather, load, intensity of use).

3)Reasonable price. Cost also plays an important role. It is clear that we will be more happy to buy goods for UAH 1,000 than for UAH 10,000 with the same functionality.

When developing our products, our team followed all three points. For several years, we have studied in detail the world market of components for gates, got acquainted with each manufacturer both in the Ukrainian market and abroad. Our engineers were looking for the best solutions for every detail, analyzing competitors' flaws, requests and complaints from customers, in order to ultimately create their own perfect product.

We, unlike other manufacturers, do not pursue the expansion of the range, we strive for quality and affordable prices. That is why we do not have several hundred products, we have a dozen or two in stock, but perfect in everything.

It is also worth talking about our production and the technologies that we use. It should be said right away that we work on modern, innovative equipment. Each development stage is carried out under the strict control of our specialists. During production we use such technology as laser cutting of metal. It is this machine that allows you to achieve ideal shapes and sizes. As for raw materials, we buy them from the best suppliers. Each batch of steel goes through several stages of control. It is important for us that the raw materials meet all standards.

Choosing Furniteh - you get a product that meets all the customer's needs: perfect quality, practicality in operation, ease of installation and low cost.